Saturday, May 15, 2010

i love you.

say you love me too.

i need to hear that phrase one more time,

to keep me going through the lonely nights,

i'll replay your voice over in my head,

to keep our love alive..

to remind myself you were real, and i had you for a while,

you'll have a place in my tore up heart eternally,

and they'll never be anybody like you, your irriplaceable,

damn, i miss your smile..

but i've let you go now,

if your happy? - i'm happy.

dont forget my memory though, infact you cant.

dont throw away our memories, keep them forever,

they are too good to lose.

and now i have nothing to lose..

i want you..

but i know you dont need me,

stay with me? but, leave me alone.

i refuse to fall again cause i'm already half way there,

just promise to stay in my life for aslong as you can?

i need you here.x