Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back 2 Our Childhood

rtd was playing with umbrella. cause she said she sense that its goin to rain. but obviously its goin to rain. because thrs thunders and lightings.
we know its goin to rain. but wadever we still went to playground n played like rtds.
we enjoyed every moment that we're being like kids.
I enjoyed every second, before it start to fall cats & dogs.

camwhore-ed alil, i guess this consider as alil.

weeeee~ i was sitting on the swing, having fun!

but wait! im gone. how sad :(

hahahaha. rtd wasnt ready for some shots.

okay. now, shez ready.

tried sooo hard to take two shots.
but luckily. i passed.

we're being very very rtd. i bet people walking around thr. might think, :
are they insane or what?
oh ya. as u can see this sky wasnt sunny another. its was goin to rain.

its raining. sis & i went back into thr car. and waited for my mom. as she was still teaching.
as u all can in this photos. im being really random with my window.drawing this n that non stop.
what can i say?
im just being myself/

oh ya. i played tic tac toe too. and guess what?
i scored!

The End