Monday, May 17, 2010


Yea, today is monday. which is the sickest day ever. assembly *grrrrrrr* GOSH! I just don't understand whyyyyyyyy do they have to CRAP soooo muchhhhh. U guys think people will pay attention on what u're saying. PLEASE!  Give it a rest! U crap way tooo much. =.=
Cant u just stop it and let us go back to our class and study. Duuuu-hello! study is much more important than assembly u know! c'mon! do u even have a brain. pffffttt~ don't think so. well nt technically that u guys doesnt have brain. They just have it. Maybe they just dont know how to use or perhaps they need a instruction paper.
Dang! but wadeverrrrrrrrrr. i skipped school today. woohoo. Supposingly im gonna attend school today. Tradegy happent. =X
not technically a tradegy, just an example.
My sooooo call tradegy happent like this.

I woke up at 7 ( whoa! early shyt man! lolz) and I cleaned up myself as usual. Taadadadadaddadadda. until 720 i think. I called my dad to wake up and drop me to school. I called, he opened his eyes. @@ HUGE EYES!  i was like oh yea. uve woke up. now! drop me to school this instant ! nah, just kiddng. He opened his eyes. so i thought he've already woke up. so , i went downstairs and wait for him. tadadadadadaddaaaaaaaa.... 1 hour later. my mom woke me up from dirty dream. lolz
she asked me , why didnt u wake me or your dad up?! i was like uhhhhhh-what?!!! u know when u just wake up its super hard to answer people. so ya, dont question people when they just wake up! ;D
and yea, i end up sleeping . after like 1 hour i think. my mom woke me up again. *frausted* at that moment. i think its 9am, she asked wanna have breakfast at mcd, since me and my sista skipped school. so ya, we dcide to have breakfast in mcd. ohh, not forgetting ytd night daddy, momma , sis and I ate out dinner at mcd too and they gave us a voucher. The voucher is for breakfast, get this voucher show it to the cashier and u'll get a FREE Mcmuffin with eggs. and yea, we used the voucher during the breakfast time. We had pancakes as our morning dessert. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- so yea, this is my monday without school! oh yea babeh.