Saturday, June 12, 2010

12.00 am. i was all well prepared for fifa live concert. it was awesome. but due to some boredness i fall asleep :(     i went downstairs and sat infront of the tv to wait for the concert to start. while waiting I finished up my chores. my chores - done.
i feel like drawing, found a nice and not used book but couldnt find a useable pen. so, was walking here and there to find just a pen. 2 mins later , finally CXW has sucessfully found a useable pen, a black pen which is her sister's pen. remove the cap and was going to write or draw. lolz. i took a closer look to the pen. WTF! red ants is building their pen in the PEN! serious, im not joking or fooling around this is true. I took the pen and ran into the kitchen. washed away all the red ants. sooo cruel :( it was tone of them. OK! now i know why my house always have red ants going here and there. well, apparently ive been stalking the ants. :D and now. yeah! all of them is gone. or maybe not. still, all thanks to cxw. and now im sitting in the living room alone. writting, breathing, blinking, reading and listening to the radio.

and i end up like this

and the next moring i woke up like this :(

nitez. written by xiaowen when she was writting for fifa and post on 12th of june. its 0445 now. :D have a good day or night. lolz