Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My 2 weeks of holiday was not bad. as i can say it was quite boring. but when it comes to outing. hell yeah. boring is nvr a word for me to mention. to b honest during these 2 weeks ive done nothing except breathing , blinking my eyes , playing computer and sleep. oh ya, not forgetting went outings with friends and went shopping with mommi and sister, enjoying trance and football!!!!!  FOOTBALL FEVER IS SOON ON. ive been watching football almost everyday except on 18th of June. I was super tired that day. I went out with my school mates from morning til afternoon and i went back home after few hours i went out again to attend A4J concert. serious A4J concert is a very good concert, ive cried. shhhhhh! really did touched my heart. and theres still alot of outing which im lazy to tell u all. sowie. :D oh ya, last of holidays. it was sunday went to church. sermon was aweeesome. then pavillion with Ivan, Bennett, Swing and my sister. Ivan and Bennett planned to watch movie so ya. they watched movie and 3 of us lepak at Pavillion. I fell inlove with few of shirts in Forever 21. But to save money. I decided not to buy :) after lepak-ing for 3-4 hours i don't remember. Ivan called and he told me that their movie has jst finished. YADAYADAYADA.  pooofftttt~ off we go. Mommi say go back to my aunt house so ya.............. i was too tried and i slept in the car on the way back home. sorry bennett. ) :  after reaching my aunt house i watched football for the first few hours then i match ended. i became bored. i went into my couz room and played and talked abt everything. Guys, relationships and we youtube-d. and suddenly i have no idea why we camwhored with webcam and played contact lens. wooo~
monday - skipped school. ahahahah people aree going to school and im not. :P
tuesday - skipped school again with reason. i woke up in the morning. opened my eyes. i cant see things clearly i thought its normal and would b ok. then walked. wow~ im spinning man. but idk. i went into the toilet i was shit. where am i. then i ALMOST  fainted in the toilet  THANK GOD.  and blablablabla. :D