Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Holiday is boringgggggg. huge sigh. what am i going to do with u, holiday?
day 1
I woke up at 11 . grab my earphone and my phone head downstairs and sat at the sofa. i was going to online with my phone. but i was too lazy, so i decide to listen to the radio. in fact, i found that listening to the radio aint a bad thing for teens. because when ure bored then u grab yr earphone or wadever just listen to it. yea. back to my day 1. sat thr and listen to the radio until 12. few mins away, i felt that my stomach is calling. so, i decide to find something and eat. i opened my junk food fridge. and i found LAYS CHIPS! ooo, i din mention that ive bought lots of junk food that cost me 20 ringgit + didnt i? apparently, my parents wasnt happy with it. they kept saying im wasting money. wadever man! its my own money . i can spent it on whatever me likes. :D i was planning that i keep this junk food until  FIFA comes. i can enjoy the match with junk food. oh yea babeh. FIFA FIFA FIFA FIFA. SOUTH AFRICA SOUTH AFRICA SOUTH AFRICA. sadly, i didnt stand a chance to win south africa ticket. what the firetruck la! forget about it. TODAY WAS A FAIRYTALE! ;D  NOT!