Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dammit. Ended up facebooking and Youtube-ing. Greattttt job XiaoWen. Just Brilliant. o.0


I'm supposed to be squeezing my limited brain juice, revising and preparing for exam. But.... Pfft, screw it lah.
While i was doing my revision. I was snezzing like crazy. =.=
who is that freak kept on cursing me? dammit. i drank my first cup of coffee at 12 oclock. i started to do my revison starting from 1130 - 0430 am. cool ryt?
second cup of coffee was at 0230am.
as u can see. i finish everything in da cup! ___________________________________________________________________________________
blablablablablablablablablabla. Phew~ time has come. i really need to rest. it was 0400am. so i packed up everything and wash everything up. then i went upstairs. and yea  i din mention i was in the kitchen didnt I. yea, i was in the kitchen doing revision. and ya, IHATEMATHEMATICSFORLIFE!
thats soooo shity u know! confuse me for 4-5 times. screwyrmommachickenpox! ohh ya! ive got bitten by stupid fucking mosquito for 3 times. dammit! can i be just lucky! WHATEVER! IM GOIN TO BED NOW. TATA. cant blame myself. i slept at 0400 in da morning ytd. sowie

this is my last photo taken at 0400 in da morning. ;D