Sunday, June 27, 2010

25th of June is a day to remeber. A day that i never been thinking, sad  and emo. My friday was shitty from morning til noon and from shitty turn to FUN, huge diff, kay. Morning woke up went to school as usual and blablablabla. teacher didnt came into my school, no teacher is fun! and ya, i lepak la. and then, the first 4 class was uber boring. later on, its ICT class. woooaawwww~ my friend suggest me to ponteng class weih. come on people. im sure u wont blive that i'll ponteng class right? :D LOL and ummm... wait wait. where was I ? oh ya, Ponteng class. she suggest me and i rejected, BOOYAY!  im such a good girl. AHAHAHHH, so i did went to computer room and teacher didnt came also sad case. but the good thing is i played in the computer room and not forgetting i played a mini game if im not mistaken, and motobike mini game. I know it sound alil childish or whatever u name it. Im here to say, thats me. ya, to be honest being childish is quite fun thou. after computer class, its moral. booooooo, boringgggg~ hey, moral is boring but i score well in moral. HAH, and learning moral is also kinda good la. same thing , teacher didnt came. and moral class is like combined class with the next class, and ya not forgetting its more fun. i like moral class and chinese class thou im not very good in chinese. i dont give a shit, at least im happy. :D
* bell rings* and i sense freedom is very near to ME. andddd.... ya, waited for my mom for like ummm..... 15 mins? i guess. LOL i didnt really count the time. who counts? thats so weird. and i was concerntrating on myself and talking to my sister. we were crapping . we went home and i tried to pull my blackheads out. dammit. but sadly i failed. :(((( supposingly was going down town and because of some probs. didnt went successfully. and we went changed out plan. went down town at night because YOUTH plan a sleepover at night. ( this is super intresting which im going to share later) . KL part, we reached my church at 8 something.  and went up thr set up these and that. so, waited for Ivan , Wenn Hong and DK  for 30 mins. and they jam for awhile and im facebook-ing with my phone. later on almost 10pm. we went out trying to find some nice place and watch football. sadly failed. too much people. full. sigh. so we went to Ivan's house to watch instead. BRAZIL VS PORTUGAL WEIHH. I wasnt really concerntrating i admit. because i was texting with shen ler and my friend keep asking me the result. the match really dissapoint me. i was sooo angry at brazil. i was wishing that brazil could win the game. but was a draw match. Oh my goodness. after watching the match we headed back to church and we watched Ip Man 2 at church. HAHAH. later on, after the movie ended we plan to have a pillow talk. but it delay alil late. because,..... i was  STRAVING!  and I kept complaining and Ivan was hungry too. so, both us went outside and Ivan drove. we went to a small shop. I spot RAMLY BURGER!  and jst then Wenn Hong was keep saying RAMLY BURGER RAMLY BURGER AND HE MADE ME SOOO HUNGRY AND WANTED TO GIVE IT A TRY. so THANK GOD. while waiting Ivan went next door and bought Choki - Choki. LOL its been awhile since i ate Choki - Choki. few mins later, burger was ready and we went back to church. everyone was asleep, we're talking and playing guitar. and i was like :O u guys not asleep? COOL! its 21 century thats what we use. COOL. I HAVE TO TELL U ALL SOMETHING. its was MY VERY FIRST TIME  EATING RAMBLY BURGER. stupid right? I dont know why. my parents didnt agree me, my bro and my sis to eat ramly burger for some stupid reason i guess. But i dont know and it was 3 am in the morning. Shhhh~ don tell mommi. :D and......... talked , oh ya, played a super confusing game that almost blow my mind away. after realizing how does the game go. i say cheyyyyy . LOL and everyone was laughing. and and and. no worries we're not sleeping that early. we have pillow talk, talking about our childhood shamest things. and later on, Ivan start a topic with Girlfriend , Relationship , First kiss and VIRGINITY!  after talking we all fell asleep. so ya, tdo looo. at 5 something in the morning we tdo. hahaa. how cool yea. and ya, woke up at 9 had a very bad flu which influcence my voice. sound like mad people. ahahha. and we had a great Prayer Meeting with Amy, Elaine , ummmm mmm.... ah! wai yan oh ya, and joshua too. Amy is 20 she did her form 6 uber cool and going to Uni next week. please do pray for her. and the rest im not sure. because i sat with her so we talked and prayed la. singings was great , sharing was also great and prayer is even greater than all. Talking with God :) and we had lunch together. talk abt alot of stuff. and the guy named Joshua say. wahhh this Jalan Sehala road very long ah! i was like LMAO. and then and then. got alot of stuff la.
lazy to talk. eheh. its late now. need to shower and get ready for bed. Bye Bye and this is a very remeberable day. :D Thanks to All.