Monday, March 29, 2010

How do you that you are a cyber addict?
  1. You feel uneasy when you have not log-on for 3 days.
  2. You surf the Net while having dinner or watching TV.
  3. You prefer to spend  time on the net than with real people.
  4. You cut back on your sleep to be on Net.
  5. You constantly fight with your siblings over the use of the computer.
  6. You rush home and lock yourself in your room to be on Net.
  7. Your eyes are constantly feeling tired due to the over expose to the screen.
  8. You prefer cyber- sex and virtual relationship to release your stress.
  9. You lack of concerntration and memory power at work or in class. ie. your mind keeps drifting
  10. Your friends said that you are one.

so, are you guys cyber addict? seriously i think i am. =X btw, this is by Ps. Victor Wong frm heroes camp speaker. love his message. :D