Friday, March 26, 2010

Hey peeps, I've deleted all of my old post. cz i find all of them is lame n random. what can i say? IM  LAME RANDOM & LAST BUT NOT LEAST WILD.  = D
I've set my blog private for a few days. cz i've been quite emo recently for no reason n i cant figure it out. But emo days r all over! Cz i've found a life saver. He is Benjamin, he saved my life by sending n introducing TRANCE to me. I LOVE YOU. u're the best of the best.  dun get it wrongly. love as in friend love. and hey! im renew n ive found some other life saver too. he is ryan n clement. both of them r super GOOOD. I LOVE 3 OF YOU. Kay, XW will stop here. cz shes alil word-less today.
Work hard , Play hard
Take Care
God bless everyone of you =D